Pick your taste....


Light & Delicate

Fragrant and fresh whiskies with a clean and crisp aftertaste. Floral and grassy notes, gentle malt, delicate fruits with no peat smoke overtones. The flavour balances are more intricate.


Light & Smoky

The unlikely combination of peatinesss and light flavours brings a different level of complexity. These whiskies tend to have the more medicinal, drier smoke notes with every taste seeming to taste slightly different.


Rich & Smoky

These whiskies tend to be described as “pungent smoky, with rich sweet peak-smoke notes, with hints of dried fruits and sherry richness”.


Rich & Delicate

Deep flavours with fruity and nutty overtones. Whiskies here exhibit clean sweetness with delicate hints of pine freshness or tofffee with hints of pear fruit.