Terms of Sale

Order requests submitted through Whisky Collect are not fulfilled by Whisky Collect. Whisky Collect does not sell alcoholic beverages. Whisky Collect has partnered with several third-party licensed sellers (“Sellers”) who sell alcohol and Whisky Collect acts purely as a facilitator. Customers will be transferred to the sellers sites to complete the order. Each Seller is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. You must consult the Seller’s website for additional terms, conditions, or policies that may apply to your relationship with and your purchase from the Seller.

Submitting an order request through Whisky Collect constitutes your agreement to any and all applicable seller policies. After you submit your order request through Whisky Collect, you will be sent to the Seller’s website to review and complete your order. The Seller will review your order request, and may accept or reject your order. Consult the Seller’s policies for further information. Whisky Collect will not be liable for any discrepancies between the products on Whisky Collect and the Sellers website. You must take responsibility for reviewing the product before purchasing.If you wish to cancel your order, you must notify the Sellers as soon as possible. Whisky Collect will not be responsible for any changes or cancellations to orders.